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Tai Chi - Yang style

The slow, precise movements of Tai Chi help give the praticioner physical coordination and mental relaxation. For students of Tai Chi Shifu offers instruction in two short Tai Chi forms and one long form. Advanced students may also learn a Tai Chi sword form. There are no belts or levels in Tai Chi. You advance at your own pace. Shifu will gauge your progress and teach you these ancient art forms.

The health benefits of Tai Chi for people of all ages has been well documented. The primary benefits of practicing Tai Chi are:

  • Improved body alignment and correct posture.
  • Heightened balance and coordination as the muscles of your body become trained.
  • Muscle tone and strength come from daily practice.
  • Stress and anxiety are released through the moving meditation of Tai Chi.

While practicing Tai Chi begins as a physical experience, over time it will apply to the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels as well. Join us at Bu Ting Xi and discover traditional Chinese health and longevity.

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