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Students will learn all of the system curriculum within their rank, and practice it to proficiency. Once Shifu feels they are ready, he will test them for advancement and award the appropriate sash. Everyone moves at their own pace. A typical student might obtain a red sash after 8-10 months of dedicated practice, but Praying Mantis - Long Fist is rewarding for all people for any length of time.

Color Symbolism & Meaning Weapons Used
Black Darkness (no knowledge) None
Red Rising sun (knowledge rising) Staff
Brown Earth (from which wisdom grows) Spear, Broadsword, 8 ft. Pole
Green Growth; life (wisdom growing) Double Broadsword, Straight Sword, Fan
Gold Sun in sky (knowledge and wisdom) Twin Daggers, 3 Section Staff, 9 Section Chain Whip, Twin Tiger Hook Swords
Blue Horizon around sun (knowledge and wisdom high) Guandao, Tiger Fork, Monk Spade
White [Shifu] Light very bright (knowledge and wisdom great) None
Grey [Sigung] Master of light and darkness (embodiment of yin and yang) None

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