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About the Style

Shifu Greg teaches Bei Quan and Zhou family Praying Mantis - Long Fist. Zhou Yu Shi incorporated Long Fist techniques into Praying Mantis in order to build a complete system. The addition of these animals improves the style and fills in gaps for any range of attack. These changes were made in his effort to move Praying Mantis - Long Fist Kung Fu towards the ideal Kung Fu system. The seven Long Fist animals are:

  • Praying Mantis
  • Crane
  • Tiger
  • Dragon
  • Snake
  • Leopard
  • Eagle

As you progess you will learn more Praying Mantis techniques and master all ranges of defense: short, medium and long. In the begining you will learn fundamental techniques such as stance training, footwork, and leg and hand techniques. These movements help lubricate the joints and stabilize them. When you have little or no movement in your tendons and connective tissue they will become stagnant. Joints become weak and unstable through inactivity. Consistent practice of Kung Fu will increase your flexibility and range of motion. The muscles, tendons, connective tissues and joints are worked together so they become strong and plyable. Through effort and application anyone can learn the ancient secrets to health, longevity, and the inner power of mind and body. Come to Bu Ting Xi and see how kung fu can enrich your life.

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